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Doug Marg and Jaclyn Hay.

To Our Guests – A little information about ourselves.

We moved to Cromwell in December 2014 after purchasing the Motel business. We are not new to the life as we were the first leasees of the Bella Vista Motel in Te Anau and after selling in 2006 we jumped the ditch and spent 6 years in Australia – Mainly in Mackay Queensland. The call home became too strong and we had to return. We wanted our Daughter Jaclyn to cement the beauty of NZ firmly in her heart and we are certainly not regretting the decision.

Doug is a Butcher by trade and in Australia he completed an Adult Apprentiship in Civil Construction. His official job titles now in the motel are too numerous to list. His passion for Motor sport may have had something to do with where we finally purchased our business and he gets very excited when we have any car enthusiasts staying so be warned.

Jaclyn was only four when we left the last Motel and has adjusted very well to living in a business situation. She also likes the extra pocket money she is able to earn in the holidays. In Australia she was a regular Bindy Irwin handling all kinds of wriggling creatures much to my horror. Here she has become a little Sporty Spice enjoying snow and water skiing and is longing for a Pony.

My hospitality initiation began in Te Anau intermitted with a number of years travelling overseas. In Mackay I worked for State and Local Government Administration and Finance positions and these are my strengths for the Motel. I am also a Research Associate in the field of Child Development and Human Relations – in other words a Mother and Wife, not a well-paid position but a very rewarding one!

We trust you will have a comfortable and enjoyable stay here at Carrick Lodge. Do take time to enjoy the slower pace of life in “Old Cromwell”. Rediscover the historical relevance and impact of the Gold Mining era in the development of provincial Otago and ultimately of New Zealand. There are some great walks through the sluicing’s and mining areas of Bannockburn and Bendigo. And of course the latest strike for the area, Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris in the surrounding vineyards.

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