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Andrew Tait & Kylie Bruce

We moved to Cromwell in October 2017 after purchasing the Motel business from my Aunty Marg and Uncle Doug. We are new to the life of motel owners and are looking forward to this new exciting challenge. We have relocated from far north Western Australia where we have lived and worked for the past 5 years. However Andrew calls Perth home and that is where he was born and breed – we won’t hold that against him. Kylie is a kiwi and the call to come home was to strong and convinced Andrew to leave his home to experience the beauty of living in New Zealand. We wanted our daughter Tru and son Kyran to cement the beauty of NZ firmly in their hearts and we are certainly not regretting the decision.

Andrew is a mechanic by trade and has been for over 20 years completing an apprenticeship at Toyota and then Fly in Fly out for 7 years to the far north, an area called the Pilbara, working as a mechanic. This is where we met and Andrew then moved to the Pilbara and the rest they say is history. Andrew’s official job titles now in the motel are too numerous to list. His passion for fast cars may have had something to do with where we finally purchased our business and he gets very excited when we have any car enthusiasts staying so be warned.

My hospitality initiation began in Te Anau interspersed with a number of years travelling overseas. In Western Australia I worked as an Operations Manager for mechanical workshops. In the past I have managed caravan parks here in New Zealand and Australia.

We trust you will have a comfortable and enjoyable stay here at Carrick Lodge – we would love if you took the time to like our Facebook page and better still a trip adviser review would be great. Do take time to enjoy the slower pace of life in “Old Cromwell”. Rediscover the historical relevance and impact of the Gold Mining era in the development of provincial Otago and ultimately of New Zealand. There are some great walks through the sluicing’s and mining areas of Bannockburn and Bendigo. And of course the latest strike for the area, Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris in the surrounding vineyards.

Kind Regards,
Andrew Tait and Kylie Bruce

Carrick Lodge

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